What Really Is Your Worst Trait?


Time to face facts and self criticize! No one's perfect. At least now you'll know the worst thing about yourself and start working on it after this test!

1. Let's start with the goodies. What's the best thing about you?

2. What do you think of this girl?

3. Why did you break up with your ex?

4. Which of these means more to you?

5. Which of the seven sins is closer to you?

6. You're going through a hard time, but all your friends are doing very well. How do you feel?

7. How do you feel when you see the homeless?

8. When and where does your darkest side come out?

Control freak!


Your worst enemy is your desire to control everyone and everything! I mean, it's not bad to be well organized and punctual but everything has its limits...You want the world to revolve around you and keep remaining superior. You freak out when people make plans without telling you because you're sure they'll f*ck it up without your skills. You're actually very friendly and kind, but when it's business, you evolve. All these aside, we've gotta give it to you. You really know how to keep things in check and under control. Are we surprised? Not really...

Too selfish!


Your worst trait is your high level of selfishness...The world literally runs around you and the most important thing in it is you! Rest is not important at all...You are also a great conformist and will defend it at all costs. Guess what? You're also a big perfectionist. You can never have enough and there's no one better than you at anything you do. The silver lining in all this is that you're not a hypocrite. All of us are a bit selfish and narcissistic beings in this digital age anyways!


The judge himself! Your worst trait is how judgemental you can get! You have certain rights or wrongs and if things don't fall into those categories, then boom! They don't matter anymore. You make hasty judgements, but sometimes they prove to be very spot on. You don't accept other peoples' opinions, as your truth is the only truth. But this also makes you a very disciplined and determined person. It never hurts to be suspicious in this world anyways!



Your worst side is how jealous you actually are! You have an extreme sense of possession so once something is yours, it's yours for life! This makes you a very committed partner in your relationships, but you know, jealousy usually damages relationships. You're really curious about what people think and say which makes you a caring person overall. Another good thing you don't share is your love! As long as you don't allow it to be an issue in your relationships, a bit of jealousy is always good! Hmmm, nice dress...b*tch!



Wow, are you the Hannibal Lecter of this test? Your worst feature is how you manipulate people and make them do things you'd like them to. You're very sinister and smart. You target people's weak spots and immediately come up with master level strategies to cripple them! You analyze people perfectly and usually know what's going on in their minds. Ok now stop looking at me like that! Fine, I'll do what you want!

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