What Really Is Sarin Gas? The Alleged Gas Used In Syria A Few Days Ago


A disaster in the Cold War era is evidence of how painful and difficult human death could actually be. Sarin gas is an overly toxic nerve agent, disrupting the balance of the nervous system in the body and causing it to paralyze. The toxic chemical is lethal in even very low doses and if breathed in, can kill within just minutes. But what exactly is this nerve agent?

Chemical Doomsday: Sarin Gase


Sarin was first developed by the Germans in 1938 with the aim of creating a very powerful agricultural medicine. But with the discovery of the terrible effects on the living things' nervous system, it was used as a chemical weapon by the Nazis in World War II, causing many people to die in terrible ways.

The amount of sarin as big as a pin head can be deadly in less than two minutes. Deaths usually occur in the first 15 minutes when coming in contact with the vaporized state of the gas. You can also be exposed to the gas when the liquid form contacts the skin.

Symptoms following exposure to sarin are a runny nose, tightness in the chest, and constriction of the pupils. Victims then continue to lose bodily functions and begin drooling, urinating, vomiting and defecating.

Military Base Where Killings Were Carried Out By Sarin: Porton Down


Porton Down was built during World War I when wars were fought with poisonous gas. The main focus was to develop gas mask technology and find ways to better apply the gasses against the enemy. Terrible weapons such as mustard gas and chlorine were the gasses that were always used here.

Porton Down's darkest legacy and the main reason for its reputation stretches back to the Cold War years. While Americans were experimenting with LSD in the MK-ULTRA program, Porton Down did the same, giving soldiers LSD out of custody to improve their mind control and inquiry skills. Here, too, human experiments were carried out using the sarin gas and endotoxin fumes, resulting in many deaths and many trials.

From A Memorandum Of A Soldier Involved In The Experiment


"We now know that some 20,000 servicemen were duped into volunteering for research into the common cold and then used in the most horrendous experiments with nerve gas and all sorts of things. We know that 40 people were injected with the biological warfare agent Kyasanur Forest Monkey (KFM) disease in 1968. That was apparently done to see if it was of any therapeutic value to leukemia patients. KFM disease has a 28 per cent fatality rate and causes horribly painful encephalitis in humans. Why was Porton Down involved in this search for a leukemia therapy in a NHS cancer ward? It is a coincidence that just three years later KFM became a recognized biological warfare agent? Did Porton Down want to examine the pathology of a biological warfare bug as it acts on humans?"

Deaths Were Covered Until 2008


The British government and the authorities have long tried to keep these deaths and experiments secret and they were successful. Many deaths were reported to have been a loss of lives due to military casualties or colds.

But when it came to 2008, one of the soldiers who served at that time broke his silence and explained what had happened there, then the process of a lawsuit started.

The long-standing case was opened when one of the soldiers learned that during the scientific work at the Porton Down military base, they were given some form of sarin gas that the Nazis had developed during World War II. Many of these soldiers reported that they spent most of their lives with diseases and mental health problems, among them were also various skin disorders.

The Cultural Effects Of This Deadly Gas


In the 4th episode of season 1 of the Perception series, they talked about sarin gas.

It was used by terrorists in the episode "Under Pressure" of the Numb3rs series.

It was used by Jigsaw in Saw II.

Sarin and Soman gasses form the main theme of Greg Iles' fantasy World War II novel called Black Cross.

Sayid Jarrah, who didn't want to betray his superior in the second season of the Lost series, decided to cooperate with the Americans when he was reminded that his chief was among those who used sarin gas.

The first season and episode 3 of the Fringe series was about sarin gas.

In the second season of the Newsroom series, sarin gas was also mentioned.

In the same way, in the Call Of Duty: Black Ops' game, death with sarin gas was performed in one part. A group of people there started coughing, then puking, then holding their throats and started to throw themselves around.

Perhaps the most painful of deaths with this gas was in Iraq in 1988. The gas was used against the Kurdish civilian population in Halabja by the Saddam Hussein government, and nearly 5000 lives were lost in the city.

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