Unconditional Love! A Japanese Man Married Famous Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku!


The 35-year-old man, Akihiko Kondo has married Japanese virtual singer Hatsune Miku.

10 years ago, Akihiko Kondo was suppressed by female superiors at work.

Unfortunately, it led to him being suspended from work.

This cause a long-lasting trauma for him and he started not to trust women.

He thought that he can no more get on with women from this world.

He discovered about the virtual singer Hatsune Miku and he felt that her songs are sweeten up him in his hard times.

So he decided to get married to Miku because he wants to live happily ever after!

He invited 39 people to the wedding including his relatives and friends, and a Japanese parliament member who also acted as the marriage witness at the ceremony.

Kondo said it took him a lot of courage to do this because people were judging him for it.

And he is the happiest person in the world now!

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