Toddler Battling A Rare Brain Condition Left With 'Devil Horns' After Surgery Operation


A toddler battling a rare brain condition has been left with 'devil horns' after surgery.

22-months-old Clyne Solano suffered from hydranencephaly in the womb.

It stopped his brain from fully developing.

He was born in January 2017 in the Philippines and his mother quickly noticed problem in his skull.

Clyne had operation in March this year to relieve swelling on his brain and it was a success.

But the operation caused his skull to cave in to the holes in his head where the brain tissue was missing.

After then, the horn-like ridges have become more and more visible as his bones continue to grow.

The toddler now needs another surgery to return his head to a normal shape.

But his mother Justine is afraid of putting him through another operation in case he is not strong enough to survive. She added:  "I don't want to proceed with it for now because I am afraid that my baby is not yet strong enough for it.

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