This Week In The Land Of Absurd: 18 Things Full Of Beans That Shouldn't Be Full Of Beans


There are thousands of specific groups and fan pages on Facebook that are so insane and hilarious, but few win the Internet like this page does: Things full of beans that shouldn't be full of beans, which is exactly what it sounds like — pictures of beans inside things that shouldn’t have beans in them. If you’re into this kind of weirdness, or actually, if you’re into any kind of weirdness, you’ll be amazed.

1. There’s no better way to start a day than eating hot brewed beans.

2. It's a timeless joy. Don't let anyone to tell you when to eat beans.

3. Who could ever say no to this?

4. The brand new flavor of bean is ready to enter your mouth.

5. Don't forget to gargle everyday, too.

6. I've been looking for beans all over the place and they're here. Huh?

7. Always nice to wake up and put your feet in some beany slippers.

8. Bean is love, bean is life.

9. How to make smoking cool again.

10. Beans from the bong. Because, why not?

11. Its only competitor is Oreo.

12. I have a dream where we use beans as currency.

13. A bean a day keeps the doctor away.

14. Dinner in a parallel universe.

15. Don't forget to feed your computer too.

16. Make beans, not war.

17. Dressed up for the night.

18. I have nothing left to say. I am speechless. I am without speech.


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