This College Student Went Viral With His Brilliant DATING Resume!

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A college student from Michigan State University, Ashley Harrington, wrote on Facebook that she was looking for a formal date for her friend. “You might think this is a joke but I’m dead serious,” wrote Ashley. “Please go with her. She’s not weird, she just lives in the library.”
And there was a well-prepared response for it: a dating resume by Joey Adams, 21, a fellow student at Michigan State. Here are the details!

This is Joey Adams, a 21-year-old student from Michigan State University.

His friend tagged him in a post on Facebook written by a girl looking for a date for her roommate.

So Joey responded….with his dating resume!

Yes, he made a dating resume. And as you can see, it’s nothing short of genius.

In it he lists everything from his education and skills (such as crying during Marley & Me).

To a chart representing how he spends his time (which includes running his dog’s Instagram account).

The internet was clearly impressed by his efforts...

Sadly the girl chose somebody else, but with a resume like this, we’re sure he’ll find a date in no time!

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