These Guys Don't Come In Peace! 20 Mean Kids Treating Their Siblings Badly!


Growing up with a brother or sister is a very daunting journey. You never know what comes next. In this case, what came next is pure evil and cruelty! 

Even though you love each other immensely at the end of the day, hatred is often in the driver's seat!

1. "I TRUSTED YOU! I thought you'd protect me…"

2. She will probably grow up to be the biggest party pooper!

3. It's not just us humans either...Check this monkey out!

4. Even these adorable cats…

5. Talk about going down hard on Coke…

6. "I came in like a wreeeeecking baaaall!!!”

7. When you try harder and then life hits you right in the face!

8. Literally scared the sh*t out of the poor little one. :/

9. Avoiding responsibility looks just like the 3rd guy's reaction…

10. "Move away! It's always MY birthday in this house!”

11. Right in front of all her friends...That will leave a scar…

12. "Ooooofff you go! little sis!”

13. Admit it, we all ganged up on the little one back in the days…

14. "BACK OFF! She's mine!”

15. "You came to the wrong house prick!”

16. Here's karma for you…

17. And that invisible ball is going for a home run!

18. "Dad have you seen my brother?" "MOVE FOOLS! HERE I COME!”

19. SPLAT! is just the right thing…

20. "Told you I didn't want a brother!”

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