These 15 Photos Sumps Up The Happiness And Struggles Of Having A Relationship!


We gathered some photos that illustrate the sense of humor in a relationship...

15. When your girlfriend says “Go wherever you want!”

14. If you miss your girlfriend and her lashes are the only thing stayed:

13. "My girlfriend pays more attention to her makeup than me, so i decided to become the brush."

12. "I am not hungry, but i can try a little bit of your meal."

11. “My boyfriend brought me this thinking it was a flower but it’s lettuce.”

10. “I bought my boyfriend a shirt with my face on it. I’m the best girlfriend.”

9. “I sent my boyfriend some selfies while he was at work and this was his response.”

8. “My boyfriend likes to cover my face with all sorts of things.”

7. “My boyfriend gave this to me as a gift. It’s a clock with my face.”

6. “How I want my boyfriend to take pictures of me vs What he actually takes”

5. Behind every woman’s Instagram photo there is a loving boyfriend...

4. Perfect Instagram picture and a boyfriend again...

3. “My girlfriend asked me why I was up at 3 am last night. So I made this helpful diagram to explain.”

2. “My girlfriend has never really been interested in computer games before. I come home from work to learn that she found Minecraft and has been playing it for hours. I’m a happy guy.”

1. When his mask is cooler than yours:

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