Here Are 10 Valid Reasons to Stay Friends with Your Ex

Here Are 10 Valid Reasons to Stay Friends with Your Ex

Berfin Ceren Meray
December 01 2023 - 10:03am

Breaking the stereotype that staying friends with an ex is impossible, we're here to provide you with 10 valid reasons to maintain a friendship with your former romantic partner. Discover how navigating a post-relationship connection can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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Shared Friend Group

If you share the same group of friends, ending your relationship could harm your friendships. Avoiding a simple greeting when you see each other may disrupt the energy in your friend circle, leading to tension. Staying friends might be a way to preserve the relationships within your shared group of friends.

Similar Interests

Maintaining similar interests and engaging in shared activities can be enjoyable for both of you. If you have common hobbies, continuing them together might be a pleasant way to stay friends.


You may want to remember the positive aspects of your relationship and preserve those good memories. Regardless of what happened between you, you shared something, and there were beautiful and enjoyable moments along with the challenging ones.

Knowing Each Other Well

You and your ex-partner may know and understand each other well. Seeking support from them when you feel down or having a conversation might be comforting. Similarly, there may be areas where they would appreciate support from you.

Close Friendship

If your relationship was based on a close friendship before, you might want to continue that friendship. Even though you've tried a romantic relationship and found it didn't work, you can still maintain a close friendship.

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Positive Closure

Ending your relationship positively and achieving a smooth closure might be important to you. Just because you're parting ways doesn't mean you have to harbor resentment or hatred. Staying friends could be the best way to have a positive closure.

Facilitating New Relationships

The end of your relationship could help you open up to new ones, as you might feel guilty or sad during this period. Therefore, remaining friends with your ex-partner might help you be more open to new relationships.

Sharing the Same Workplace/School/Environment

If you work in the same place and want to maintain a professional relationship, staying friends could be an option. Similarly, if you attend the same school and are bound to encounter each other, remaining friends could be beneficial.

Similar Goals

Having common goals might provide opportunities for collaboration or mutual support. Despite not being in a romantic relationship, you can still work together to achieve shared objectives.

Friendly Collaboration in the Future

If there's a possibility of future collaboration or working on projects together, maintaining a friendship can facilitate this cooperation. Keeping in touch during such periods can be valuable for future endeavors.

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