The True Friend Who Drove 50 Miles To Bring A Banana To His Bestie!

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What would you do for your best friend? Taking care of them when they are sick, stalking their crushes, get into a fight, etc. However, there are some more extreme missions people can set out to do for their besties! Buzzfeed published a story about this dude who drove 50 miles just because his best friend asked for a banana! 

Here is how it went down:

Here are Martin Peredo and Justin Mendoza!

They have been best friends for 13 years.

Martin got hungry in a Starbucks and texted Justin.

Justin agreed to take a banana to his friend and hit the road!

As they hadn't see each other for two weeks, Justin didn't really mind this road trip.

They shared the banana an hour later.

But as they were both still hungry, they grabbed a more proper meal at the end of the evening.

1. The tweet he sent out on the 24th of October was retweeted by almost 20,000 users!

Martin says that he has received lots of positive comments!

We hope that their friendship will last many long years! ❤
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