The Simplest Way To Ruin A Childhood: 19 Horrific Playgrounds Sworn to Scare Children

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We have listed the horrific playgrounds all over the world that have sworn to scare children!👇

1. Let's start with a great example of slide for those who want their child to learn postmodernism at an early age.😂

2. We don't even have a word to say to this. Reminded me of 'Humancentipad' episode in South Park.😅😅

3. Is this legal?

4. Now, I understand where the clown phobia came from...

5. I am not even sure whether it is real...

6. It's a disturbing image rather than a funny one.

7. From the slide to the sewer...

8. Santa... Is that you?

9. Speechless...

10. What would you do if you saw something like this?

11. The mutated Shrek isn't real. The mutated Shrek isn't real. The mutated Shrek isn't real. The mutated Shrek isn't real...

12. Are you... even... the king of the jungle?

13. Why? Just asking... why for God's sake?

14. Have a nice life with your new trauma.🥺

15. What animal is this? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

16. If I went to the park and saw something like this, I wouldn't be able to sleep for days.

17. It's like they misunderstood the rabbit concept and were inspired by Donnie Darko.

18. Why are Teletubbies banned in some countries? That's the answer...👇

19. And finally; introduce your children to a brand new culture...

Which one surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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