The Photos Of The Troll Father And The Fearless Baby Will Make You Jump Out Of Your Skin


One dad is frightening the Internet with these pictures of his kid in dangerous situations, giving concerned parents from all over mini heart attacks!

"I've been photoshopping my kid into marginally dangerous situations," Steec wrote. "Nothing unbelievable, but enough to make people think "Wait, did he..?"  These are the exact words of Steec we got from Boredpanda. Let's see what he has under his sleeves!


Reddit user Steec and his little daughter were talked about a lot on social media.

What kind of a dad is this!? He gave his daughter a knife!

There are also others that make you nearly jump out of your skin.

It's as though Steec is trying to make his daughter fall from places.


No worries. It's all fun and games.

Steec is just a very successful photoshopper and a little bit of a troll father! We're looking forward to seeing new photos of insanity from him.
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