The Cool Dad Who Transforms His Children's Toy Cars Into Badass 'Mad Max' Ones!


In this episode of Cool Dads: A director, a dad in California creates Mad Max props with his children. Looking at these photos we've gathered from BoredPanda, it seems both fun to make and to play with!


Ian Pfaff, a movie director in California, brings the scenes of Mad Max: Fury Road to life with his children.

He starts with this usual pusher.

And then he uses every single piece he found at home to decorate the vehicle.

He's used everything, from an espresso maker to a computer.

Even his wife Emily prepared some badass costumes for the kids.


This is it! 😱

Don't they look like they've jumped out of a movie?

Look at this steering wheel. He really did complete every single detail with materials he found at home.

Brillant and exciting! 👏👏👏
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