The Best Friendship We Formed In Nature: How Did Our Relationship With Dogs Start?


Dogs are our best friends in animal planet and this deep bond between us has a deeper history than you think.

Well, how did we build this fascinating relationship with dogs?

1. Our relationship with dogs started around 15 thousand years ago.

In this era, people who lived like nomads and didn't have a settled lifestyle so they were constantly struggling severely with wild animals around them. This struggle was also against the wolves, as well.

2. However some wolves whose stress hormones were less than others as a result of some kind of a mutation, started to get closer to humans to be fed with their leftover meats.

Humans allowed these obedient wolves remain close to them.

3. One of the reasons why they allowed obedient wolves was to feel safer and closer in dangerous forests and unprotected areas.

If they had friends from wild life to protect themselves, they could feel safer and have better chances to stay alive. It was somehow true for the wolf friends, as well. If they would stay with humans, they could live longer than others without the trouble of finding food.

4. This collaboration strengthened our relation with wolves and turned into an intimate friendship.

Our ever-evolving wolves weren't suffering about breeding, sheltering or finding food. On the contrary humans were finding matches for them and providing suitable places to stay. As for wolves, they were helping humans by protecting their crop fields who were now settled and living off farming.

5. Dogs were a part of 'Artificial Selection' generated by humans.

Dogs were shaped by humans as in humans could add desirable characteristics according to their personal interests and trained their dogs in a controlled way, focusing on these characteristics. That was precisely what the Artificial Selection is about. Humans and dogs walked together and had become what they are now.

So much so that, our close friends dogs would be the first kind to die out if the mankind were disappeared from the world instantly according to the recent researches.

6. Humans formed dogs in diverse colors, dimensions and temperaments according to their interests.

Selecting features like hunting, herding, tracing made these characteristics available to transfer to the next generations. Humans selecting characteristics to their interests and breeding different types featuring the ones they wanted caused 400 different varieties to turn up in today's world.

7. These domesticated 400 types of dogs are all coming from one genus: Canis Familiaris.

Dogs presenting this diversity has proceeded from human's meticulously selection of inherited characteristics. Hunting was especially one of the primary qualities people needed.

8. Recent studies about dogs and their cousins, foxes showed that domesticated 'dogs' could be obtained sooner than anticipated, in 20 years.

It is known that malleable foxes taken from wild life can turn into domestic dogs after a couple of generations by Dmitri Belyaev's domestication experiment. This experiment had resemblance to humans' evolving wolves to become first dogs we know.

Evolving to dogs was total result of both environmental and hormonal influences.

9. Evolving together until now with our old friends also caused synchronizing certain attributes in our body, as well.

Our digestive systems started cultivating together within this process. Also, every time we make an eye contact, our bodies start releasing oxytocin hormones on both sides. This is a mutual indicator showing our relationship with dogs resembles mother-baby relationship.

Ever so our relationship with dogs started as friends with benefits, we established a deep emotional bond in time. Our dog friends will accompany us as long as we exist and last.

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