Struggle Is Real! 17 Naughty Toddlers Who Almost Give A Heart Attack To Their Parents

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Kids are both heathens and little heart-melting creatures at the same time.

1. When you get up to pee at night.

2. I want to be a turtle mama!

3. Is that Casper the friendly ghost?

4. This kid can survive in anywhere.

5. Ruining the walls is tiring I guess.

6. Oh no, this is Casper the friendly ghost.

7. This kid's face looks like he is a savage.

8. I want to play a game mama.

9. I guess, this kid wanted his/her potty training to be funny.

10. Is it a bath-bomb or a bombing bath.

11. It’s been literally one minute...

12. How? How did you get in there?

13. Stepping on a lego is one thing but this... This is sad.

14. If you won't take me to a sandbox, I'll make my own.

15. Either this kid thinks he is a cat or he wants a cat?

16. Cat is the boss in this household.

17. You turn your back for 5 minutes and regret it for about 5 hours.

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