Social Media's New Playboy! Tobacco Tycoon Candyman With All His Luxury Life!


Aussie tobacco tycoon Travers 'Candyman' Beynon is well known for his hedonism, often clogging up people's Instagram feeds with photos of lavish parties and naked women.

This Australian adult actually wants to be known as ‘The Candyman’.

The middle-aged Candyman is an Australian athlete and zoolander. He inherited a lot of money from selling tobaccos.

His real name is Travers Beynon, and he lives in a big mansion.

And for him, the party don’t stop!

He is a father-of-four with a wife and multiple partners and he says that his girlfriends don't problem for his wife and marriage.

He said: "It is a normal home during the day - I have four kids. If you come into the house during the day it is a normal family home,"

He has 856,000 followers on his Instagram and he can hire lots of promotional models to live with him.

They are given lavish parties in their mansion and they live their life with the motto of  YOLO!

With his Roll Royces’, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, he lives a happy life!

His garage is accessed through two automatic glass doors - engraved with the words 'work harder, play harder' and it contains a Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls Royce Phantom coupe, a Jeep and a gold-sprayed motorbike for weekend rides.

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