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Smart Retail Businesses Use People Counters


Smart Retail Businesses Use People Counters

If you operate any form of retail outlet – large or small, you are always looking for ways to help you improve your bottom line. With business becoming more and more cutthroat, it is important you try to use any method that has been proven to help your store improve its performance. While there is always some scheme on tap that promises the moon and delivers nothing, this cannot be said about one specific investment – people counters. Research indicates that the application of a system that counts the traffic into your store can prove to be quite beneficial in many areas of improving the operation of your business. What Are People Counters? If you arrange for someone to manually count the number of individuals who enter your store, they are people counting. The devices used to tabulate the people who come and go are called people counters. People counters are actually an alternative type of traffic counters. This latter term is often restricted to the counting of people in retail. If you decide to go ahead and install people counters, you have your choice of a variety of technology, some, such as those that are used by companies like V-Count are technologically adept and can be customized to suit your specific needs. In general, the technology utilized falls into the following categories:

  • Manual: Manual systems rely on an individual standing in the entryway or other location and actually clicking a button for every individual who enters and/or leaves. This requires substantial human hours and warm bodies – particularly if the counting is to take place in different areas of the retail outlet

  • Technologically adept: These involve a variety of technological solutions that range from simple to more sophisticate. Among the current better known types are:

  • - Computer vision (CCTV cameras):

  • - Synthetic intelligence

  • - Infrared beam technology

  • - Thermal imaging

What Do People Counters Do?The task is implicit in the name. People counters actually do record – “count” – people as they enter and/or leave the targeted place. The people counters may be placed at the entrance of a shopping mall, specialty shop, big box store, parking lot, airport, movie theater or airport. The rationale behind this is to help you, the retailer, find out such things as:

  • Heavy traffic areas

  • Times when your store is the busiest and slowest

  • The impact of advertising and special sales days or events

By discovering more about traffic patterns in your retail outlet, you can adjust your staffing and other particulars to meet the needs of your clients. If you want to run a competitive store, you need to look at all aspects of your operation. One means of improving your overall retail outlet is to consider the traffic flow. This is a proven method that is readily available and not costly if gone about the right way. If you talk to the professionals on the staff at V-Count, they will help you find the right people counters for your needs.

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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