iPhones Will Get USB-C Charging, Apple Confirms
Many Apple users have expressed dissatisfaction with the iPhone's charger's singular shape, bringing up frustration with the charger being unable to be multifunctional like other brand chargers.
Archaeologists Restore Biblical Inscriptions In Israel Using Geomagnetic Field
Researchers from Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Jerusalem worked together on a study that perfectly brought to light the exact period of 21 ravaged settlements at 17 different archaeological sites in Israel by modifying the parameters of our planet's magnetic field which were written in charred remains.
NASA Selects Its Research Team For UFO Study
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has just announced their alien-hunting team for a study regarding unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). The handpicked roster will attempt to study more about our elusive space friends and their spaceships!
How To Turn Off Crash Detection on The iPhone
Apple recently released a life-changing feature on its newest 14 series called Crash Detection. It is undoubtedly helpful for iPhone owners and will surely save lives in the future. However, since it is in its early stage, many users report irritation with Crash Detection because of its bugs.
Konami Has Finally Broken The Silence, Announces Silent Hill 2 Remake
After several years of waiting, Konami has finally resurrected the Silent Hill series! They’ve announced a remake of the original Silent Hill 2, as well as upcoming titles such as Silent Hill f, Silent Hill: Townfall, Silent Hill: Ascension, and a new movie called Return to Silent Hill. This surely is a treat for Silent Hill fans!
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