Sad But Cute: 19 Mischievous Baby Animals With Broken Legs


These teeny tiny creatures have made a boo boo. No worries though, they’re all getting fixed up :) But before, they’ll melt your heart. Here are 19 baby animals that will make you want to cover them up with mellow baby blankets and bring them some milk.


1. He survived a big stroke…

2. No bird chasing for a couple of weeks…

3. The leg is broken but the hat is glorious!

4. “Got wasted last night…”

5. Was it worth it for a tiny nut, baby?

6. Ashamed of being so clumsy or of that collar?

7. “I couldn’t even look the vet in the eyes..."

8. Aww, you’re breaking my heart too… :(

9. “Got a princess bandage. ‘Cause I’m one. Y’know…”

10. Love is in the leg.

11. "You should see the other guy."

12. “This wasn’t the bracelet I wanted.”

13. He gots toofache.

14. "Bitch pls. I’m still pretty af."

15. "What have I done to deserve dis..."

16. "Ouch... Go on without me."

17. "Don’t be around when I’m out of this."


19. "Bouncing was my thing. You know..."
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