Parenting In A Nutshell: 30 Photos To Make You Think Twice Before Having Kids!


Have a kid, they said. It will be fun, they said. As all parents know, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, here are 30 photos that everyone needs to see before having kids! Enjoy.


1. "I went to the bathroom and forgot to shut the door."

2. Voldemort as a kid!

3. Poor mom

4. Impressive climbing skills.

5. "Mom, can I have it?"

6. "Daughter’s first camping trip. This is how she wakes me up at 6:15 in the morning."

7. Genius!

8. When someone says "red lipstick looks good on you".

9. "Kept track of how many times my 3-year-old asked me “Why?” in one day."

10. DO NOT let yor kid use your laptop.

11. 😂😂

12. "My cousins had a paint party."

13. "Me waiting for my daughter to finish her homework."

14. Holy crap that's loud!

15. Isn't she super cute? Just asking.

16. Parenting in a nutshell.

17. "I am a lawyer, my son told me he had to tell me something, but first wanted me to sign this."

18. Drama king!

19. Close enough!

20. "The one and only time I forgot to put up the baby gate before I showered."

21. Babyproofing your marriage!

22. "The exact footage of what it's like to have four children."

23. Hollywood stuntman in training...

24. Horror franchise in the making...

25. "My husband left the Nesquik out."

26. Dad's face is priceless!

27. Applying butt paste to the face? Challenge accepted!

28. "How my kids see my car."

29. "Why is she upset? Because she can’t have the corn oil that she is convinced is apple juice."

30. "Take your child to work day summed up in one photo."

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