Paralyzed Patients Compose A Symphony With Their Brain Waves!

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The technology, which is known as the brain-computer interface, enables us to imagine a future, where we can read each others' minds by transmitting the neuron activity to a computer environment. Although we haven't achieved this particular thing yet, EEG makes it possible for the patients who have no speech or movement capability to communicate in different ways, including music.

Plymouth University Interdisciplinary Center For Computer Music, was able to help four paralyzed patients compose music at the same time, using their brains only.

The patients, whose visual cortex was measured with the help of EEG, chose one of the four musical pieces shown on the screen and were asked to think about them. The options were projected on the screens in front of the musicians, who played the notes simultaneously with bow instruments.

This was conducted only for scientific reasons. Scientists expect to help paralyzed people communicate using such techniques.

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