Meet The Cutest Instagram Phenomenon: Alfa!


All babies and children are beautiful because they are still clean and innocent and their wishes are simple and clear. One of them is Alfa and she is rocking Instagram. Let's meet this beautiful baby girl!

She has an interesting name, doesn't she? What if we told you it is pronounced same in every language?

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

She is a two-year-old individual and makes most of her decisions! :)

She is also picky when it comes to food, which child isn't? She likes meatballs, but loves rice and corn!

And if you let her, she can take you to some playgrounds you don't know about, because parks and playgrounds are her specialty!

You can ask her anything about parks and playgrounds!

Alfa, who has quite a lot of fun with her mom, has already learned to count in both English and Turkish!

She is a true out-door person and very active!

One of her favorite things to do is swimming. When there is no pool or sea around, fountains are the biggest source of fun for her!

She also follows the fashion world closely. She chooses all of her outfits and her mom puts the clothes on her!

If she is wearing the clothes she wants, going to a park to play with some animals makes her the happiest person in the world!

And we wish Alfa a long, happy and healthy life!

If you want to see the rest of her super cute photos, you can follow her account below!

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