Meet The Abstract Painter Shiba Inu Who Is More Talented Than You!


This Shiba Inu dog's name is Hunter. Hunter is very eager to learn but is stubborn at the same time. He was taught art by his parents. Now he is making original paintings you can buy on Etsy.

Hunter's parents are Kenny, a computer engineer and Denise an ESL teacher.

And this of course, is the sensational artist, Hunter.

Hunter's parents wanted to discover his personality to keep him active both physically and mentally.

The family who is from Alberta, Canada might have been surprised.

His family who introduced brushes and paints to Hunter offered rewards to him after every trick.

However, his family says that when he learns a trick, he becomes visibly proud of himself so it isn't just the treats that motivate him.

Let's not forget to mention that Hunter has only been painting for just a couple of weeks now.

Van Gogh might be this doggie's biggest inspiration for his style.

Hunter gets very serious while working...

You can keep up to date with Hunter's art with his Instagram page!

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