Man Gets Girlfriend's Name "Slightly" Wrong On Her Birthday Present!


A guy called Ryan prepares a birthday card for his girlfriend Laura, however, he made a small but very important mistake!


Ryan promised his girlfriend Laura, he would do a good birthday present this year, because he has been late with a card her past two birthdays.

They have been together since fourth year at school, and they have cute photos together.

Ryan decides to go on Moonpig's website and chose a template, then uploaded some photos of them which he thought Laura would love.

Ryan handed the card over to Laura with full confidence and he thought this year he had smashed it.

But Ryan didn’t get the reaction he was expecting because he made one small but crucial mistake.

He forgot to change the default name of ‘Georgia’ to ‘Laura’.

Laura said he really did have no doubts she would love it.

Laura shares the photo of her birthday card in Twitter, then tweet went viral!

She speaks to Unilad : "Every year he books a night away somewhere and writes where we’re going in the card but the past two years he’s just told me where he’s booked because the card is always late.

So the weekend before my birthday he’s banging on about this card and how much of a ‘good one’ it is this year.

Don’t get me wrong, the pictures he’s picked are my favourite ones of us so I can see why he was excited to give me it.

So he hands me it in the same envelope that it got delivered to his house in – even although it comes with two as you’re meant to open it, CHECK IT and put it in a fresh envelope.

Might I add when it got delivered to his house, his mum said to him maybe you should check it but he was adamant it was perfect."

Poor Ryan says he didn't notice there was a mistake on the card because he focused on the pictures of them.

In the end, Ryan was quickly forgiven. This should be lesson to all of us, and we are sure that Ryan can smash it next year! 😅

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