Instagram Star Busted Photoshopping Herself Into Paris And Became Laughingstock!


Instagram star Johanna Olsson has been caught photoshopping herself onto various backgrounds across Paris.

28-year-old Swedish influencer was sent to Paris by a clothing company and all expenses was paid.

But she photoshopped herself into different backgrounds and also heavily edit the photos to make them appear more beautiful.

The backlash came quick and she was forced to disable comments.

The mistakes are so clear that a flood of comments from fans came out. 

“I will just assume that every picture on this account is photoshopped like this one now,” one said.

She was forced to come out and defend herself.

“I wanted to talk a little bit about the pictures I posted in Paris. So I did one picture, shot it and didn’t think it looked that nice… so I took a different background and put the background into it,” she said.

She knew it was time to come clean.

'So I admit it wasn't my finest Photoshop skills. Now in Sweden this thing has gone crazy and TV shows want me to come on and talk about my "fake travelling",' she said.

'It's a bit ridiculous I think. There are a lot of influencers out there that Photoshop in birds, rainbows or crazy skies and I could do that but I don't like that. she continued.

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