How Shy Are You?

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This quiz will tell how shy you are, according to science. All you need to do is to pick the answers that best describe you!

1. “I feel tense when I’m with people I don’t know too well”

2. “I’m always right.”

3. “It’s hard for me to ask questions”

4. “I’m always comfortable when I’m at parties or other social events.”

5. “I never step back when I think I’m right.”

6. “It takes time for me to overcome my shyness in new situations or places”

7. “It’s hard for me to act natural when I meet new people”

8. “I express myself well and always get what I want when I talk with authority figures”

9. “I always trust my social competence”

10. “It’s hard for me to make eye contact when I talk with people.”

11. “I’m more confident and practical compared to my social environment”

12. “It’s hard for me to talk with strangers”

13. “I’m more shy talking with someone I’m attracted to compared to other people”

Very shy!

Very shy!

You’re very, very shy. You always feel awkward in any type of social environment and avoid talking to people. But this feature of you doesn’t mean that you don’t like to hang out with people. Still, it’s not easy for you to communicate with others because you usually have monologues inside of you instead of having dialog. If this shyness is causing you problems in everyday life, there are some things you can do. I know it’s easier said than done, but once you lower down inner voice and start to listen to people around you, things will get much easier. If you’re still young and struggling with your shyness, psychologists have some good news for you: shyness decreases as your age increases! It comes to its peak on ages 13-14 and starts to decrease after the age of 30.

A little shy!

A little shy!

You’re just a little shy. Shyness doesn’t effect you like it does many people, but you sometimes find yourself having a difficult time talking with people you don’t know too well. Your shyness usually appears when you’re talking with your supervisors or talking to an audience. You don’t trust yourself in those kinds of situations. Being a little shy means sometimes you think about totally different things while people are having a conversation. Just let things go, live randomly, take it easy, go with the flow and try to get most out of the moment you’re in.

Not shy at all!

Not shy at all!

You’re not shy. Of course, there are some situations when you also feel shy, but you’re usually confident. You not being shy doesn’t mean that you’re the center of attention and source of fun. Or you may not want to be that person who’s in the center of attention. Whatever the situation is, you’re definitely not shy and should enjoy it! You’re lucky! You should use this incredible gift that life had offered you and live life fully.