How Logical Are You?


Of course everyone thinks they’re logical. But can you get through this series of questions by coming to logical decisions? Let’s see how long you can stand to our tricks!

1. A peanut fell from a tree while the wind was blowing north. Which way does this peanut land?

2. How many birthdays does an average person have?

3. There was a woman who loves the color pink. In her cute one-story house, everything was pink, her dog, carpets, walls .. Even her hair. What color were the stairs?

4. How many oceans are there?

5. Some months have 30, some have 31 days. But how many months have 28 days?

6. What is the capital of India?

7. What Intelligence Organization does James Bond belong to?

8. Which one below is the Italian flag?

9. A man looks at a picture and says: "Sisters and brothers have I none, But that man's father was my father's son." Who is in the picture?

You have a brilliant mind!

You are the definition of wise! You got 90% of the questions right and left hundreds of people behind. You have a high level of analytical intelligence. It takes only seconds for you to analyze a problem in your head. Your high emotional quotient also plays a huge role in this! You know your duties pretty well and do exactly what is asked from you. You never let anything distract you. You have a sharp mind and good attitude, along with perfect mathematical intelligence! Well done!

You are as logical as everyone else.

It’s obvious that you read the questions carefully, but we can’t say you were as careful when answering them. You just picked the answer that first came to your mind. But unfortunately, the first thing comes to your mind is not always the right answer. You also act the same in daily life; you just need to sit down sometimes, think wisely and ponder. You regret so many things just because you give quick decisions, you know that. You need to be calm and evaluate all the alternatives before you make decisions, or you’ll be just like everyone else.

You’re almost brilliant!

Congrats! You proved that you’re above the average by answering 80% of the questions right. You have a more effective point of view compared to other people. But why not be better than that? You have the potential. You just need to push yourself a little bit harder. Like Socrates said, "All people had to do to know everything again, was to remember." So you know everything already, don’t underestimate yourself and never give up trying!

Cmon, what’s wrong with you?

We don’t know what to say. You gave totally ridiculous answers. Okay, maybe you have a point; the questions were too tricky. But you act the same in your daily life also, always hasty. Your impatience may drag you into a failure in life. You like to focus on the result, but if you always act this careless, you won’t be successful. Just stop for a bit, enjoy life!

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