How Classy Are You?!


Here we are with another interesting quiz! This time, we tell you how classy you are by looking at your style choices. This test is for everybody! If you see an item that doesn't match your style, try to imagine that it is for your significant other!

1. Which decade's style is your favorite?

2. Pick a stiletto!

3. Now pick a sneaker!

4. Which one of these bags below is your favorite?

5. Which shirt is your favorite?

6. How about the your undergarment preference?

7. Lingerie?

8. Time to be a gentleman! Which tie fits your style the most?

9. Final question! Pick your sunglasses and you're good to go!

You are like Cinderella!

According to your answers, you are just like Cinderella! There is a diamond inside of you, if only you could show it more often! You have to study a bit more to reach a better level in style, but don't worry! We know that there is a classy soul inside of you! You can show this to the world when the right time comes!

You are so very classy!

OMG! Did you major in Elegance at college? People would give up on so many things just to reach your level of classiness. You're too busy living the life people dream of. This is why you have so many haters. Haters gonna hate. You should stop being your super classy self!

You're the missing member of the Royal Family!

Can we have a moment to respect and praise your royalty? Are you sure that you're not from the Royal Family? When you walk into a room, everyone starts talking about how elegant and stylish you are. Your style is mind blowing! We have so much to learn from you!

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