How Careful Are You? Let's Find Out With This Test!


Being careful and attentive surely brings you success at some point. Let our test give you an idea about your level of attentiveness then, let's start!  

Just do the test and see the results! 

1. Can you find the Oscar Statue in the image below?

I found it within 10 seconds.
It took me 30 second to see it.
Took more than a minute to find it.
There is no Oscar Statue here man!

2. There is a dog among those cows. Can you find it?

I saw the dog as soon as I checked the image.
Took me 20 seconds to find the doggie.
I think I became blind during the search.
There is nothing but cows in this image.

3. There is an animal through those leaves and branches. Or not. Just look carefully.

Oh the cutie little owl, come towards me!
I saw the animal sometime between 30 secs and a minute.
It took me minutes but I finally managed to see the animal.
There can be more than one animal there, but I saw nothing.

4. How many smiling faces can you see in those coffee beans down there?

5. Can you find the panda hidden somewhere in this image? I could not, if it makes you feel better:)

Yep, found it as soon as I checked the image.
Found it in less than 30 secs.
Well, took me some time but I saw the panda finally.
No pandas in there, maybe as a representation of their extinction.

6. Can you find the potato among those cute hamsters?

Found it easily.
Found it in less than a minute.
I saw a maize in there, does it count?
Nope, no potatoes there.

7. How many differences you spot between these two images?

8. We couldn't skip Pokemon. Can you see Togepi?

Found it super fast.
Took me 15-20 secs to find it.
Took me a minute, but I saw it.
Misty must have taken it because no Togepi found here.

9. There may or may not be a panda hidden in this image...

There is one and it is very obvious.
This was easy, found it in 15 secs.
Saw it but took me some time.
Nope, no panda here.

10. Here is the last and the most difficult. Can you find the fish hidden in the image?

Saw it, did not take long for me.
Took me minutes to find it.
My eyes hurt but I found it.
Stop lying, no fish here...

Bonus: What do you see in this image?

Horizontal, white and black stripes.
White and black stripes with some grey ones.
Is, is that an illusion?

Very, very careful.

You are a very careful person, and you always do everything properly. You constantly make lists and read all important information very carefully, as this helps to ensure that you don't make any unnecessary mistakes. The best thing about being so careful is that everyone trusts your work and your judgment, but being too careful can sometimes prevent you from getting on in life.

Quite careful!

You are generally quite a careful person who tries not to make too many mistakes in life. You often weigh up the importance of a situation before deciding how careful you need to be, but there are times when you just plow straight into something without giving the matter any thought at all. You may benefit from seeking some advice when you're not sure what to do about something.

You are not quite attentive!

You are not a very careful person and you firmly believe in enjoying the moment, but when things get complicated, you still have tiny pieces of carefulness coming to save you. You need to take care at times, although there is nothing wrong with letting go as soon as it does not cause any problem for you!

What careful?

Well, bad news, you are extremely careless and have serious problems focusing on more than one thing. Must be a tough life you are having, take it easy and, in case, be careful!

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