Help! Someone Cloned Zayn Malik! Meet His Long Lost Twin: Shyan Ranje!


We come across with celebrity doppelgangers everyday in social media, and here is the most recent one. Prepare to have your mind blown!

1. The guy in this photo is not the former member of One Direction, Zayn Malik.

2. Please welcome Shyan Ranje!

3. Shyan works as the assistant editor for two Canadian magazines, although he doesn't live there.

4. His story is very similar to most of the celebrities': He changed his hair style and that's how everything has started.

5. The resemblance between him and Zayn became obvious when he dyed his hair blonde, just like Zayn.

6. "Looking like Zayn! Crazy, isn't it? I wasn't even aware of it until my editor showed me a magazine article where he and I are next to each other." says Shyan.

7. "I was at the Grammy party of GQ magazine and many of Zayn's friends thought I was Zayn. I find it really cool that we have mutual friends." he continued.

8. Shyan, who received thousands of followers in just a few days, signals that he will continue his career by saying "I hope that my followers are ready to see more fashion and fewer selfies..."

9. He replied the question "Would you like to work with Zayn?" with "I would definitely like to work with Zayn. I think he is very talented. I heard his new music, it is pretty solid. Right now, he is an artist that is hard to reach, but who knows? Maybe one day..."

10. We don't know if he will indeed work with Zayn one day, however the resemblance will surely affect his career positively.



13. What do you think? Do they really look alike?

They do, considering that both the looks and the style is the same.
Not even remotely.
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