Heartwarming Story Of A Rescue Goat With Anxiety Who Won't Take Off Her Duck Costume!


Leanne Lauricella runs a goat rescue group called Goats Of Anarchy in New Jersey. She has a couple of baby goats she is looking after at home. Recently, Leanne bought a child's duck costume for Halloween thinking it would look good on her goats. Polly, one of the goats, loved it, and now she doesn't even want to take it off.

Originally published on Dodo.

1. Polly is a baby goat with several medical issues.

Sadly, she's blind and has neurological problems which affect her ability to eating. For this reason, Polly is severely underweight for her age. She also suffers from anxiety.

2. She panicks when Leanne is not around, and has some weird habits.

When Polly can't find Leanne she desperately runs around the house crying. Polly also adopted some weird habits which are linked to her anxiety issues. "She'll find a corner of a wall in the house, and she'll just start sucking on the wall," Lauricella said. "So all the corners in our house have these little suck marks from her mouth."

3. When Leanne put the duck costume on Polly for a photo, a miracle happened.

"As soon as I put it on her, she just instantly got calm," Lauricella said.

4. The duck costume seemed to have the same calming effect as feeling relaxed and cozy in a blanket.

Surprisingly, a ThunderShirt or a blanket didn't have the same effect on her. The duck costume works better than anything. "There's something about that duck costume that calms her. She goes into a little trance. She just closes her eyes and she's out." Lauricella said.

5. Whenever Polly has an anxiety attack wearing her duck costume instantly calms her down.

"She just calms down and goes to sleep. Instantly. It's become a thing that she's known for."

6. Polly also prefers her duck costume when going out.

Whenever Leanne has to run errands and can't leave Polly at home alone she puts the duck costume on her. Here she's snoozing in a shopping cart in her cute costume.

7. Polly also likes costumes, in general.

Some other costumes have the same calming effect on Polly, yet the duck costume remains her favorite.

8. Leanne thinks Polly will outgrow her duck costume when she gets bigger.

"I've started regretting that I didn't buy the next size up," she said.

9. But in the end, she might have found another solution to Polly's anxiety.

Another rescue goat named Pocket, who arrived just a couple days ago, is handicapped. "When Pocket came home, I laid him on [Polly's] back … and it just calmed her right down and she went to sleep. It was almost like that duck costume. I've noticed that anytime he's lying next to her, she just gets calm. I've never seen her do that with another goat here." Lauricella said.

10. When Polly eventually moves outside we hope that they will be besties forever. ❤

"I'm hoping she won't need [her duck suit]," Laurenne said. "I hope that Pocket becomes her duck suit."

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