Hanging Out With Your Childhood Friends? 16 Things You'll Relate!


We learned what friendship means with them. Then, primary school was over and our paths had to separate. If you managed to keep on being friends with even a few of them, you know how important and valuable this kind of friendship is.

1. You laid the base of the friendship concept and learned what friendship means, thanks to each other.


2. You can always be yourselves with each other as you still remember those cry-baby days like yesterday.

3. You worked together at the same desk, you cheated during the exams and got crazy-happy together when you learned that it would be an idle class.


4. You went to each other's houses to do homework, or hit the library for research together.

5. You have experienced both the bitter and sweet sides of life together as you have grown older.


6. Even though you go to college in different cities, you never fail to set up a meeting every time you go back home.

7. You always count on each other's support.


8. Even though you haven't seen each other for a while, it always feels the same.


Although you might think that it can be kinda weird or cold, you start feeling as warm as ever within the first two minutes.

9. While you look back on the old days, you start missing those days, and realize how fast the time has passed by.

You have so much to talk about.

10. You ask each other about other class mates that you aren't in touch with.


11. Even if you have turned out very differently, you still spend good time together for the sake of your history.


12. You know that you both still keep the secrets you have been telling each other since your childhood.


13. When you are tagged in an old school photo on Facebook, you have a long chat in the comments section.


14. You notice the different paths everybody has taken, although you were all almost the same once upon a time.

15. You witness how much you all have changed.


For example, the ugly girl has become hot, or vice versa. You always have somebody to ask if, or how much, you have changed.

16. These are true friendships that started at the beginning of your life and can go on until the end of it.

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