Get Your Body Summer Ready With These 15 Juicy Detox Waters


It's detox time! Good news is summer is approaching. Nature is changing and we need to catch up with this change. The best part of these detoxes is getting rid of all these toxic substances in our body. If we lose some weight as well, that is a bonus. No need for disgusting flavors. Let's renew our bodies with these delicious juices!

** After preparing these waters, make sure they stay in the fridge around 2 to 8 hours.

1. A little help from apple and cinnamon...

One of the main ideas behind detox waters is that they provide a sweet taste to those who don't like plain water. Did you know that cinnamon is used to lower the blood sugar?

2. Summer's favorite fruit: Blackberries!

Delicious colorful blackberries... Just combine frozen or fresh blackberries with some sage in a glass bottle. Add up some water and ice cubes. That's it!

3. Strawberry fields forever!

Who could have guess that strawberries make the best cooler for the summer? You need 4-6 strawberries. Divide the strawberries into four slices. Take a lemon, cut it in two. Take one part and chop it in thin slices. Take a jug and add some fresh basil. Then, put strawberry and lemon slices. Finally, fill the jug with water and ice.

4. Make your day even better with melons!

Who doesn't like the fresh sweet taste of melons? How about preparing a water that brings two BFF's melon and cucumber together? Take a cucumber, 2 slices of melon and a handful of mint and put them all in a bottle. Add up water and ice.

5. Speaking of melons. How about watermelons?

Watermelon is definitely summer's best part. Enjoy summer by combining a slice of watermelon with a handful of mint. Both fresh and sweet at the same time.

6. Orange has a special place in our hearts!

Orange can bring up the spring with its zesty flavor. Fill up a glass of water with an orange and a handful of blueberries.

7. So you like the smell of roses?

A handful of dry rose petals, few drops of vanilla and 10 raspberries. Mix it all up to embrace the brand new season!

8. How about bringing oranges and cucumbers together?

Orange's sharp flavor can go well with the freshness of cucumber. Chop 2 oranges, one cucumber and a lemon into a water bottle. Don't forget to add some mint leaves to increase the flavor.

9. Grapefruit might be bitter, but we know how to deal with it!

Next time you complain about grapefruit's bitterness just remember that it helps burning fat around your body. If we managed to convince you with this fact, chop a grapefruit. Take some fresh rosemary and put it all into a water jug.

10. Don't forget about our tasty tropical member: Kiwi!

Do you know that kiwi is full of Vitamin-C? Well, this one is going to make your life easier if you're not a kiwi fan. Slice up two kiwis and one orange. Fill your glass with mineral water and add ice cubes.

11. Green green grapes.

Chop down around 15 grapes. Put it in a water jug with 15 raspberries and 2 sliced cucumbers. Finish your delicious drink with water and ice cubes as usual.

12. I brought some freshness, again!

Don't underestimate cucumbers, they help you stay full throughout the day. They are the key ingredient of all detox waters. This recipe is composed of two cucumbers, ten strawberries and two limes. You can also dress your drink up with mint leaves.

13. Let us introduce you with a new flavor: Lavender.

How about adding up the perfect smell of lavenders to your water? A few leaves of lavender and a handful of blueberries will be enough for you to enjoy the taste of summer.

14. To pear or not to pear!

Pear makes a great couple with cinnamon. All you need is one pear, tiny slice of ginger, one vanilla bean and 2 cinnamon sticks. Enjoy your detox water!

15. Bonus: You can make ice cubes out of delicious fruit.

If you're running against time like most of us do, fill up an ice tray with your favorite fruit. Just add these delicious ice cubes to your water before you leave home. Detox water made easy!

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