Genuine Mix Of Art And Mathematics: Optical Illusions Using Simple Lines By Los Angeles-Based Artist!


Get ready to feel dizzy! Katy Ann Gilmore creates brilliant pieces of art. She turns simple 2D lines into dynamic works of art that we’re sure you’ll appreciate. Enjoy!


Katy Ann Gilmore is a Los Angles-based artist.

She has a degree in mathematics.

So it's not hard to tell that she takes most of her inspiration from it.

Her works are highly detailed, rhythmic and symmetrical.

Katy’s works have been published in many galleries around the United States.

She says she is heavily influenced by topography and the relationship between 2D, perpendicular planes and their distortions into 3D space.

The works are a genuine mix of art and mathematics...

With all the angles and calculations needing to be carefully and precisely worked out.

This can sometimes lead to Katy Ann feeling more like an engineer than an artist,

But having seen the incredibly beautiful illusions that she creates in her murals we are sure you will agree these are truly works of art.

Using basic concepts of geometry to slowly increase the scale of her works,

She combines straight lines and curved contours to create patterns that confound the eye.


The skill and dedication that she has, makes her a brilliant artist.

Scroll down for more of her work 👇




Which is your favourite?

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