Fake It Till You Make It! 20 People Who Rocked Being Students

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There's always a time when you are too tired or distracted from listening a lecture, no matter you're a college or high school student. Those people in this list just solved how to fake being a student.

1. "His teacher should be really proud."

2. "When you want to pass, but also want your favorite team to win."

3. “Sleeping in class level: Pro.”

4. "When you want to sleep but still get a good grade:"

5. "This guy in my 9 AM class, who literally eats a ginormous salad every day"

6. "Really, what’s wrong with this school?"

7. "When you need motivation to solve the problems faster:"

8. "When you and your buddy have perfect timing, even when falling asleep in class:"

9. “This guy in my political science class was watching a Bob Ross video and following along in MS Paint.”

10. "There are a ton of ways to fall asleep in class. Like..."

11. "And then there’s this guy who makes breakfast in class."

12. "For when you’re in class, but you’re also in the middle of an argument."

13. "This guy in class is desperately trying to draw a picture of our teacher."

14. "It was freaking hot in class today so this guy..."

15. "And then there’s this teacher who caught his student “reading” in class."

16. "Which stage are you in?"

17. "When you really need to stay awake in class, bring a coffee machine."

18. “This hero came to our programming class and blessed us with waffles, which he cooked at his desk.”

19. "How did she even make it without falling?"

20. "Saw this guy in class today, and yes that is cheese.”

Bonus: "Even if he’s not paying attention, he’s still a good boy!"

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