Enough Is Enough! 27 Movie Clichés We're Tired Of Seeing!


Oh Hollywood Hollywood...For all these years we tolerated all the cliches but that is it now! We had enough. Stop showing us the same things over and over and over again!

1. Starring character saves himself from a bomb explosion just in time by ducking.

Sometimes he dives with the leading lady.

2. If you have these kinds of mirrors you'll probably see something evil behind you...

3. If such thing rolls behind the character, no one thinks of escaping to other directions instead of just going straight!

4. Character tied up to a chair is eventually rewarded for his efforts and manages to rescue himself...

5. In the final scene, starring character and bad guy start fighting somewhere high. A heavy rain goes along. Good guy gets beaten up first, then he gets carried away and he knocks the bad guy out.

Probably a flying helicopter around crashes to blow shortly before.

6. The first requirement to be an American police officer is the ability to eat donuts!

7. When the characters walk into an ancient historical setting, everything starts to collapse and they barely save themselves.

One or two bad characters might get stuck inside.

8. Ten fellas challenge the leading actor but they attack one by one. When-as they could have beaten him down if they had attacked together.

We still congratulate the leading man of course.

9. The main character is exposed to a massive gunfire but only receives a simple wound...

He gets patched up by a beautiful lady afterwards.

10. If you're hiding from something, just go under the bed and feel tense.

And every single time, NO ONE looks under the bed!

Or our man sneaks in this wardrobe and watches the thing/person he is afraid of.

Alright, but why do they choose the bedroom every time?

11. Someone falling from somewhere high always falls on a car.

12. The first escaping place people think of is the ventilation.

They get ahead for a while and then stop to track the guys underneath from the holes to create tension.

13. They try to create tension by taking snaps from a car passing from the crossway to make you expect a crash. Shooting is always done from inside of the car.

Most of the time the crashing car is a lorry.

14. Frightful moments will be waiting for the small family who've just moved to the house.

Middle age parents, a teenage girl and around 10 year-old boy completes the framework.

15. Starring character starts to fight with a surprise costumed character, and at the end of the fight, we find out that was a pretty girl.

16. Starring character needs to choose from the wires to stop the bomb counting the last seconds; red or blue? He chooses one but at the last second he changes his mind and takes the other one to cut. YAY they are saved!

If that were us, it would explode certainly.

17. In the finale, our hero who just lost his love of life becomes really ambitious and makes a splendent final sowing anger seeds.

18. A couple driving on a deserted road wants to go to a hotel to spend the night. The 'vacancy' sign always flashes because of some kind of a fault.

19. Police cars are the bit-players as overturning in crashes which were happened for no good reason, they just can't stop themselves from crashing keep tangling with the other cars.

20. A lover who is about to fall from somewhere high waits for our hero to be saved desperately.

21. After a sex scene, the woman strives for her breasts not to be loomed continuously in an extreme weird way. The fact that there are only two people in the room flies away.

22. Spaceships always radiate blue lights.


Blue lights to the blue planet.

23. "They'll identify us, kiss me!"

Taking advantage of the situation.

24. In romantic comedies, the main male character bends over backwards to catch the main female character at the airport. He catches her eventually and after a while we see the happy ending with misty eyes.

25. Regular student types on an eerie hallway of American colleges: Shy, lonely, hooded teenage boy, popular cheerleader who teases everyone, and her blond athletic boy friend in school's sport gears.

The main character is the loser one and eventually we find out he has wondrous talents.

26. The monster killing everyone gets the main character to the dead end and stares at him for long long time so he could think of a way to escape.

27. Irreplaceable scene: The character walks towards to the camera carelessly while bombs are exploding behind him.

It is always the same.

He is like 'C'mon man let's take a pic together'

I am taking a head shot, is the background OK?

Move to the side a bit, now OK.

Those pieces will never stick me, just take the photo.

Take one more photo, just me.

Are we exaggerating, Hollywood? :)

These are all America's secret games.


  • The characters fighting for death in a house and the good guy tries to reach a gun which is actually pretty close to his fingers. In the end, he manages to reach it and of course kills the bad guy.

  • Cars don't work on the first try at the most needed time.

  • Chasing car scenes in a devastated city but they never show anything bad happened to the people. We only see the pedestrians when they jump clear of the cars.

  • A detective who is about to solve the case in which he really got his hands on, gets dismissed and for the rest of the movie he tries to solve the case secretly.

  • Detectives and men of duty always live alone. We only witness passing loves during the movie.

  • A ghost appears at the end of the hallway, and the lights starts to black out against the victim.

  • In an action movie, police arrives late altogether when the incidents had already stopped. The main male character sits at the back of an ambulance, wrapped up with a blanket, and a cup of coffee is slipped to his hands. It'll be all complete with a kiss from the main female character for the perfect ending!

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