Don't Like Desk Jobs? Here Are 15 Things You Could Relate!


The office workers, who stand out like a sore thumb and work their a*ses off all day long without any appreciation... The computer slaves, to whom people always say "You work comfortably, what else do you want?"

Those people start perishing as soon as they turn their computers on, give their souls away to the box, where they remain until the end of the work day. However, is it the same for those who run around and do a lot of physical activity at work? They really enjoy working, and therefore don't even realize how fast the time passes by.

1. Contrary to popular belief, having a desk job is not that comfortable. Being stationary all day causes health problems.

Such as back pains, visual impairments and weight problems...

2. Being stationary all day can cause a constant sleepy state.

Although you have had a good night's sleep, it is certain that you will feel drowsy.

3. Even though you have a sh*t load to do, you may get bored; however people who are on the move during work rarely get bored.

It is very possible that you feel like "I am doing the same thing all the time! Goddammit!"

4. Time hangs heavy on your hands. You might even feel like the clock is going backwards.

5. Because of the highly repetitive work, you start turning into a robot. It is also possible that you feel like a computer program after a certain point.

6. It is hard to deal with your aggressive boss during the day. As if your work weren't annoying enough, you will also have to cope with that jerk.

7. You need fresh air, or maybe a cigarette, because of the stress that you are under; but your job doesn't allow that.

8. You come to a point where you cannot take the insincerity of your coworkers. You end up having to watch them plot against you behind your back.

9. And if there is an office DJ who plays music for everybody, you might want to kill yourself. (But please don't; it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem)

10. If you have a desk job, the work you have to do will never come to an end, even if you work full speed all day. On top of this, you might also be scolded for not finishing fast enough.

11. There are also some people who have been there for a longer time than you, but are still in the same position. These people just enjoy themselves while you are working non-stop. You can't understand how and why they haven't been fired.

12. After some time, you start feeling like you wake up to the same day. You become lvl 999 of monotony.

13. You remember everybody who told you to get a desk job, so that you could work and live comfortably. You question why you listened to them, and eat your heart out.

14. You envy your friends and acquaintances who get to travel, or make field trips, and get to move around for their job.

15. You yearn and burn to quit your job one day. However, your profession is pretty much set and no matter where you go, you will have to do more or less the same work. Considering this fact, you give up on your dreams of quitting.

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