Devil Or Angel: Which One Lies Within You?!


Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? If so, our existence should have a reason too, right? We all feel it deep inside but just can’t decide what it exactly is. So we’re here today to help you find out!

1. First of all: Which color do you think your soul is?

Another color

2. Do you trust people easily?

3. Are you a social person?

4. If the world was to end tomorrow, what would you do today?

5. If you were a word, what word would you be?


6. Are you religious?

7. Which one is your element?


8. Are you close to your family?

9. Finally; Do you think you can make a difference in the world?

The bad devil!

You’re here on the earth to represent malignancy. You have this duty because you’re much more brave and fearless compared to other people; so much that you won’t stop doing anything even though you know it’s bad. Because you have the power! But there’s one thing that you should never forget: you have enough power to change your own faith. So you don’t have to be bad just because that’s what you’ve told. You can lead your life in a totally different way and be someone different than you are now, if you want to. You can be whatever you want with the power you have. It’s all in your hands!

Guardian Angel!

You’re an angel sent to the world to protect humans and represent everything beautiful! You’re so sweet that you can be good even when you’re in the center of malignancy. The love you have is endless, like the universe! And you protect everyone with the strength of the love you have; your most loved ones, weak people and even bad guys! You just can’t help it, it’s you; you feel their pain when you see people sad, even if that person is your enemy.. We said enemy, but you don’t even have the feeling of hate! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up, the world is more beautiful with people like you!

Something completely different!

It’s hard to say the actual reason why you’re on the earth. But we can tell you one thing; you’re not someone ordinary at all! We’re not sure if this is good to say but, you’re supernatural. It may sound stupid but if you observe yourself for a bit, you’ll recognize the potential you have. So you should take some time to discover yourself because you’re absolutely special.


Don’t be sad, this result proves how unique and perfect you are! Because you didn't actually come to the world to be an ordinary human being, but your fate was also unique and it changed in the last moment, so you became who you are today! Now you’re writing your own fate and living an extraordinary life. You’re not someone we can find everyday; the way you talk, the way you think, your life energy proves your difference! You should push your limits, know your potential and discover yourself to understand your mission in the world. It’s obvious that good things will happen to you!

You have the right to pick!

You came to the world just to make your own rules and follow your own way! We hear you saying “Why not something supernatural?” Don’t think that way though, because if you had another mission, you wouldn’t have the chance to pick what you actually want to be! But now, you’re free to do whatever you want to do, and be wherever you want to be! You’ll move by making mistakes and one day, you’ll decide what you truly want to be. Good luck until then, you beautiful human!

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