Can You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?


Real survival is not the same as watching the zombies on TV and shouting "Why did you do that??" at the characters.  If it is that easy, you should make it through this test without getting eaten by zombies. You are going to try to survive with your lover! Both of you have to survive to make it!

Breaking news on TV! You learn that there is a zombie outbreak. You decide to call your lover and pick him/her up.

I plan to meet outside before the number of zombies increases.
I plan to meet up at one of our houses.
I will tell him/her that we should spend the night in our own houses and come up with a plan tomorrow in the daylight.

Your lover approved your plan and asks "Where should we meet?"

"Let's meet somewhere close to both of us."
"Let's meet somewhere farther but less crowded quickly. I will go there first and let you know if it is safe."

You met in the middle of the city. Chaos is everywhere. You need an urgent plan.

I will tell her that we need to go back home immediately or we will die.
In that chaos and panic, we can wait in one of the cars stuck in traffic until it gets better.
We should leave the city center and run to one of the less crowded streets.

You suck at surviving!

It didn't get better, one of the zombies noticed you and attacked the car. Other zombies ran to you when they saw it too. You both died in the car. Well at least your love will live forever as zombies now!

You panicked seeing the zombies everywhere and you realize that you ran into a dead end. But you see an apartment with the door open.

We get in quickly, close the door.
We should run back because it is a dead end and we can get stuck here.

You couldn't run away!

While you were both out of breath and looking outside of the door, a couple of zombies attacked you from the inside of the apartment and killed you both, which killed the people inside before you came too. You didn't even see them coming!

You got tired of running and your lover twisted his/her ankle and fell on the floor. You realize a mini zombie gang is right in front of you. What do you do?

I will leave my lover and run as fast as I can.
I will try to make him/her stand up and try to get back to the apartment.

You are the worst lover ever!

Your lover was shocked and he/she cried out loud for your help. You saw zombies getting closer, regretted your decision and ran back to your lover to help, but you were too late. You were both eaten alive by zombies.


You couldn't move fast enough and zombies caught you! You died in pain.

You are the best at the worst decisions!

While you were trying to get back home, you were caught in the middle of the crowd. A zombie attacked your lover instantly, and you died trying to save him/her.

You left the house in panic and you realize you forgot your cellphone.

I will go back as fast as I can to get my cellphone.
I will try to find somebody whose cellphone I can use.
I will just hope she finds me since she is gonna come here.

What happened?

When you went back home, your lover was looking for you in the place you were supposed to meet up. She panicked and walked around the place until a zombie attacked from behind her. Now your lover is dead..

You are not a survivor.

Your lover called you a thousand times but couldn't reach you. With panic and fear she walked looking for you, until a zombie attacked her from behind. Who's fault is it, yours or the zombie's?

You saw somebody, he is sitting on a bench. You can see him from behind, but he is not moving.

I will say "excuse me."
He may be a zombie, I will find somebody else.

Your precious one is dead!

While you were trying to find somebody, your lover became bait for the zombies. You shouldn't have forgotten that cellphone at home, it's all your fault..


The man turned his back, you saw it was a zombie. You panicked and tried to back up but you tripped and fell. Zombie instantly ran to you and took couple bites.

You met up in the house. What now?

I will tell her/him that we need to spend the night in here and wait until the morning.
I will tell her/him we need to get out and leave the city instantly.

Your lover thinks it's a good idea and asks how you are going to travel.

We can ride our bikes.
We have to have a car, we can steal one.

You took a couple of important things and hopped on the bike. Where are you going to go?

To a country house.
To a sea side location, far from here.

After a long journey, you arrived at a small coastal town. Nobody seems panicked here. What are you going to do?

Go to a motel.
Make a tent on the beach. We can get into the water if zombies get near us.

Oh no!

You spent the night at a motel. One of the guests at the motel was bitten and died. She turned all other guests into zombies. You got out of the room to get breakfast but you got killed instead.

Bad choice!

You fell asleep because you were so tired. When you woke up zombies were all over the tent. You died.

You decide to stock some stuff to eat before you are arrive. You see a market, which looks ravaged. What do you do?

I will tell my lover that one of us has to get in and be really quick while the other keeps watch outside.
I will suggest we both go in at the same time.

You never saw any zombie movies? If you split up, you are dead!

Your lover told you to watch outside and went in. You heard him/her screaming 10 minutes later. You went in running but it was too late...

You both went in at the same time. While you were checking the shelves one of you saw a zombie. With a plan, you got rid off the zombie. You stocked enough food and you realized there was a car next to the market.

I don't want to take another risk. We can continue with our bikes.
Owner of the car can be the zombie inside, I will take another risk to go check it's pockets.

The zombie was the owner of the car you saw. You took the key and got in the car. You drove for a while and saw a country house. It is impossible to enter from the windows and there is a passcode for the entrance. You see that there is something written on the wall, it says "Beril." This could have something to do with the passcode, but zombies are getting closer, so you have to be quick.


You are an expert survivor!

You understood that the passcode was the numerical equivalent of the writing on the wall "Beril." You successfully entered the country house and you have a couple months worth of food. Now you can relax and enjoy a life free from zombies and hope that the outbreak will be over by the time you are out of food. We don't need to tell this to a pro like you but still, don't forget to lock the doors and windows. Be safe!


You couldn't figure out the passcode, you panicked and you didn't have the time to run away from the zombies running towards you.


You couldn't figure out the passcode, you panicked and you didn't have the time to run away from the zombies running towards you.


You couldn't figure out the passcode, you panicked and you didn't have the time to run away from the zombies running towards you.

How much time did you think you could ride a bike for?

While you were still riding your bikes, you saw a couple of zombies on the road. A car coming towards you panicked from the zombies and drove over you and your lover. Sadly, you both died there..

You took the necessary stuff with you and went to the garage of a shopping mall nearby. When you arrived, a zombie attacked you and you both fell. The zombie is going towards your lover now. Your lover has a knife and you have a gun. What are you going to do?

My lover can save herself/himself with the knife.
I will shoot the zombie in the head.

Too bad the plan didn't work out!

The zombies who heard the gun shot ran towards you. You were stuck in the corner and didn't survive..

Zombies kill, but inconsiderate lovers kill more!

How can a person who just saw a zombie save himself/herself with a knife? Your lover shouted "Shoot motherfucker!!" You panicked and shot the gun a couple of times until you realized one of the bullets accidentally went to your lover's brain.

Your lover approved your plan and asks if you should make the house safer.

"There is no need if we are quiet."
You agree and put the fridge behind the door.

Wrong decisions..

You waited until the morning in peace but you didn't think about zombies getting into the apartment. In the morning when you made your plan about leaving town, you didn't make it far since zombies killed you both in the apartment!

Being quiet is not that easy!

While you were walking in the house in panic, you accidentally bumped into the table and knocked everything over. Zombies in the apartment heard the noise and ran to your door. It was too late for the fridge. They destroyed the door, got in and killed you both.

Your lover called you in the morning and said that he/she stayed over at a friend's house to not feel alone. What are you going to do now?

I immediately go there.
I tell her/him to meet somewhere close to both of us and use less crowded roads.

Oh no your lover!

You went there to see your lover was turned into a zombie too! The outbreak got worse over the night.

You decided to meet up somwehere in the middle. Your lover asks which road to use.

Use alternative roads.
Use the main road.

There goes your lover..

Your lover listened to you and chose the less crowded roads. When zombies attacked your lover there were no one to help.. You killed your lover.

You are really good at bad decisions!

You told your lover to use the main road and you threw her/him into the fire. Your lover got eaten by zombies!

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