Can We Guess If You're An Angel Or A Demon?


In this test, we'll ask you questions about certain topics. Some of those questions will be difficult for you to answer and some of them will make you say ''I wish.'' Just choose whatever you feel like choosing and don't feel bad. Everything is easy when you talk with imaginary money. Let's just begin the test!

1. Let's begin!

Having $50 thousand in your bank account tomorrow?
Feeding 500 people a year?

2. Yes.

Having a luxurious house for free?
Giving a luxurious house to somebody as a gift?

3. How about this question?

Having a new iPhone for free every time they release a new model?
Helping every puppy in the world to be adopted?

4. Hmm

Hitting the lottery and spending it all by yourself?
Hitting the lottery and spending it on the people you love?

5. Yes?

Having a lot of money that's enough for you and for the next generations?
Not having wars for the next 20 years?

6. Hard question

Being able to change your car whenever you wanted?
Giving everybody in the world a free access to the internet?

7. And the final question

Being able to get together with any famous person whenever you wanted?
Being able to donate $1,000,000 to any charity you wanted?

You're not an angel, that's for sure!

You want everything for yourself and don't feel bad at all when you say this. You don't have to feel bad either. Your mind works. When you secure yourself financially, you'll help others around you, right?

You're a pure angel!

Others happiness = Your happiness. When people who are in need eat, it's like you're eating. What kind of kindness is this? This way of thinking will always help you have good friends and open new doors but you should still be careful. We were talking about imaginary money when we did the test, so you shouldn't take it so seriously.

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