Brazilian Instagrammer Recreates Low Budget Red Carpet Dresses and Results Are Hilarious!


John Drops is a Brazilian fashion blogger. Similar to other fashion bloggers, he is actively using social media platforms. You'd be convinced if we told you that he has 775.000 followers. How could this happen? Well, you're about to find out.😄

Source: johndrops

1. John Drops made his online debut as a fashion blogger.

2. His role as a fashion blogger eventually evolved into a online comedian in time.

3. His adventure, which begin on Vine, continued with Snapchat and Instagram.

4. Later on John decided to focus on his talent for imitating celebrities.😄

5. John recreated the photographs of celebrities which published on famous magazines.

6. John gained recognition by recreating red carpet dresses with extremely low budgets.

7. It wasn't long that John reached 1 million followers.

İşinde başarılı olduğu bir kesin kısa sürede neredeyse 1 milyon takipçiye ulaşmış.

8. His confident and sincere attitude plays a significant role in his success.😄

Kendisiyle barışık ve sempatik halleri de başarısında büyük pay sahibi.

9. Wearing that needs some courage. 😂

10. A LOT OF courage.😂

11. No one can deny the fact that he is an extremely talented genius. 😂

12. We can't even tell which one is the real Riri! 😂

13. Don't you think that these dresses look awesome considering their costs?



16. Pregnant Beyonce!

17. Keep up the good work John! We'll be following you! 😍 😂

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