Being The Middle Child In 25 Painful Steps!


You're too small for this.”

“You're too old for this” 

“She's still young you need to be a good example”

“They're grown-ups.  You can’t go out with them” 

If you’ve heard them all before, it means you are the middle child.  We hear you.

1. You are the perfect in-betweener.

2. He's too old and she is too young to do it. So you have to.

3. You know how to stand on your own feet.

4. You're the peacemaker.

5. You always felt like you were the least loved.

He is the first and oldest child.  She is the cute little one.  They are naturally the most loved.  What about you?  You have to outshine your siblings with your own talents.

6. You grow up wearing your older sibling's hand-me-downs.

7. But the little scum gets all the new things.

8. Adults won’t hang out with you because you’re too young, but you can’t play with the other kids because you’re too old.

9. Hey, at least you have your own syndrome (‘Middle Child Syndrome’). There is no such thing as “oldest” or “youngest child” syndrome.

10. You are calmer, more balanced and less aggressive.

11. You're more social because you have to be.

12. You're a team player.

13. You're less dependent.

14. You're a just person!

15. …but you can also be a great manipulator.

16. You're patient.

17. You always walk a thin line. You have to be careful.

18. You avoid arguments and fights.

Because you’ve had enough.

19. You'll raise your own children to be more independent.

20. You have a higher sense of empathy.

21. You're romantically more successful.

22. They always forget about your problems because they’re too busy dealing with their own.

23. At least you parents have more experience when raising you.

24. You try to come forward with your appearance.

25. You usually opposed your siblings.

Bonus: For every middle child out there.

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