Being A “Narcissist” Is Actually Good For You!

> Being A “Narcissist” Is Actually Good For You!

Echo, a nymph who doesn’t care about the ones in love with her, saw a hunter one day. The hunter, named Narcissus, was very handsome. Echo fell in love with him at first sight, but he didn't want her and ran away. Echo began to waste away and died after suffering from this passionate love. Her bones turned to stone and her voice turned into the “echoes” in those stones.

Other gods and goddesses learned of this story and decided to punish Narcissus. One day, while he was hunting, he got thirsty and approached a river, where he saw his own reflection. He also got mesmerized by this beauty and fell in love with it. He eventually recognized that his love could not be reciprocated and committed suicide. His body then turned into narcissus flowers.

The term Narcissism originates from the story of Narcissus, described as egoistic admiration of one’s own attributes. But is it something we should be hateful about? Let’s decide together.

1. You’re with someone that will never cheat on you.

2. Is there a way that you can have low self-confidence while you are so in love with yourself?

3. You are with the one you love the most all the time. Who can be happier than you?

4. You will never know how it feels to have unrequited love.

5. Your bae gained weight, his hair is messy, he slept a lot… Who cares?

6. Jealousy? You don’t deal with that shit.

7. There’s no one to stop you when you want to be by yourself.

8. If you want to meet with your friends, just go; there’s no one to create a problem!

9. You’re someone in love, and also loved, free and beautiful. What else you could ask for?

10. You don't have a fear of getting dumped.

11. You always feel happy when you look in the mirror.

12. You will spend time with the love of your life without worrying about being accepted in his family or fear of her brother or father.

13. “We live in different worlds?” Let others think about those kinds of things.

14. You will use the word “I wish” less, believe me.

15. And you will regret less.

16. Being a narcissist may annoy others, but it’ll make you feel better for sure.

17. Imagine a world that you don’t have to report to anyone other than yourself..

Bonus- Screw the ones calling you “big headed” or “smartass.” Let them suffer from their own problems.