As We Head Into 2019, Here Are The Most Realistic New Year Resolutions For You!


New year, new hopes! Every year we set goals to have a better life. Here are some resolutions for 2019 that are 100% achievable!

1. Reject adulthood, no matter how hard it gets.

2. Fall in love... with another cat. Get another cat.

3. Maybe gain a few pounds.

4. Instead of promising to read a book series, just watch a whole Netflix series.

5. Try your best not to die.

6. Put on work out clothes because they're comfortable, not because you're going to the gym.

7. Immense yourself in other cultures...with different kinds of take out food.

8. Don't be afraid to succeed. Or do. It's your choice!

9. Spend way more time in bed.

10. Fake being nicer to people.

11. Read more...funny things on the internet.

12. Never let anything stop you from eating an entire pizza by yourself.

13. Spend less time with people and more time with dogs.

14. Avoid commitment because you'll screw it up eventually!

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