An Overlooked Superhero: "The Owl-Man" And His 13 Traits!


You are probably thinking "But there is already an Owl-man" that's a super-villain; i.e.: one of the bad guys. The Owl-man we are suggesting is a hero who fights against evil, just like Batman and Spider-man. In this content, we aren't going to go into his life story or how he has turned into an Owl-man. We just want to show you how awesome the Owlman would be.

Make way! Owl-man is coming!

1. To start with, his costume would be way cooler than that of Batman or Spider-man.

It would be an amazing design with huge eyes, a perfect cape, little dark grey ears....

2. Its logo would also be marvelous, because owls are naturally photogenic animals.

Its logo would also be marvelous, because owls are naturally photogenic animals.
Its logo would also be marvelous, because owls are naturally photogenic animals.

3. Owl-man wasn't bitten by a radioactive owl to become Owl-man, it was by choice; just like Batman.

4. His most important super power is his ability to see around himself, all 360 degrees; just like owls, who can rotate their heads 270 degrees.

5. The Owl-man is patient. He can wait for hours to ambush the bad guys without moving a hair.

6. Just like the owl itself, who is the symbol of wisdom and philosophy, Owl-man's real power is not physical, but philosophical.

7. If Batman comes from an almost blind animal (the bat), a legendary night-warrior would follow from an owl, who has the best night vision.

An owl's daytime is nighttime.

8. Owls, who have extremely powerful gazes, will give Owl-man hypnosis powers.

9. Owl-man will be the nightmare of the bad guys, thanks to his very powerful, mysterious voice. It is heard clearly, but nobody can tell where it exactly comes from.

10. Owls, who hunt in the silence of the night, without making any sounds, will pass this attribute on to the Owl-man.

Owl-man will land on the bad guys before they can even tell what is going on.

11. Unlike other species of birds, both eyes of an owl are located at the front, which will enable our hero to accurately detect the bad guys' location and to flawlessly destroy them.

12. One ear of owls is located lower than the other one, which lets them determine where a sound comes from, free of error. This, too, will be a great trait for our hero to have.

13. Its voice means bad luck, yes, but only for the bad guys.
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