A Scary, Realistic And Probably Yummy 'Human Head' Cake!


We call it "culinary art" for a reason, right? Tye "Rannosaurus" Lombardi is a pastry chef, who makes scary food (hence the name) and today we have a skull cake for you that looks too realistic for both our and its own sake.

Shoo the kids away and let's see the real face of Nom Nom Nomicon!

Tye Rannosaurus is both a horror writer and a pastry chef, and she is very good at combining her two passions!

Her inspiration for this cake is horror movies, of which, she watches a lot.

And she wondered if she could put cake and horror together.

And 'realistic looks' is her number one rule.


Because this cake doesn't look like food, it looks like the realistic masks used in Hollywood movies.

The making of the cake is actually simple, as long as you know what you are doing.

She cooks her dough in a skull shaped cake mold.

And then covers it with skin-colored dough.

Then she makes a skull mold with another silicon mold.

Which turns out to be an edible cookie.

Once the cake is cool, she attaches the chocolate skull using chocolate buttercream frosting.

Up until this point, things seem to be calm.

And here starts the horror....

She takes the red food dye...

And she applies it so well that you can't tell the difference between this and the real thing.

The details prove just how skillful she is.

And then it turns into a skull family.

Aunts, uncles and all that...

Joking aside, Tye also cares a lot about presentation even after doing this well with the cake itself.

She usually chooses plates that are suitable for the concept.

And that's how it looks when it is being cut.

Aren't you creeped out, too?

Don't let kids and elderly with heart problems see!

The inside is still kinda violent. Very, very red...

We say bon appetite to those who will eat it,

And get back under our blanket to hide from the monsters under the bed!

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