6 Enlightening Facts Showing That Drone Racing Is More Real Than Ever!


$250K Grand Prize With My Drone? Yes Please! We live in times where everything advances so rapidly that you miss out on tons of important stuff. Care to find out about another concept? Here's what drone racing is all about!

1. Drone Racing League? WTH?

So you think all those fancy drones you bought can just join this league and chase the big bucks? Not that easy. 

Basically, you have to custom design your own drone for maximum speed, endurance and maneuver capabilities.

2. Real tracks, virtual worlds...

Each pilot controls their drone via virtual reality gadgets, but all the courses are designed specifically for each race. The rules are simple.. be the fastest and, oh of course, don't crash!

3. Pilots...

There are professional pilots from all around the world and of all ages. Some pilots are 30+, whereas some others are only 15! All you need is swift reflexes and, of course, excellent piloting skills.

4. How does it look?

Well it looks fancy BOTH from the outside and inside. As you can see, it's VERY challenging. Mind the 100mph+ speeds, too!

5. World championship

Drone Racing League takes place across iconic sites and cities. It's not easy to participate. You need dedication and patience, because you'll lose lots and lots of drones in the process!

6. The payout

World championship winner Luke Bannister, 15, beat 150 other teams to win a grand prize of $250.000! Each team consists of four members, including a navigator, tech crew, etc.

7. Buckle up and watch the final race! Warning: It REALLY IS FAST!

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