5 Sci-fi Films All Sales And Marketing People Must Watch!


We explore the social influences of our inventions as we progress through the life cycle. While the line between tomorrow and today becomes obsolete, science fiction also gains new contexts. For example, if today's society is better described as 1984 or Brave New World, we can discuss it now. When we want to make the concept of Increased Reality understandable, we refer to the Matrix.

Technology will undoubtedly affect your future marketing strategies very seriously. In this sense, we have assembled the science fiction that will help us understand where we are headed.

1. Brave New World


There is no family concept in the Brave New World universe where prosperity and economic stability are transformed into social fetish, nihilism is encouraged on a social scale and the slogans handled by the state under the subconscious are repeated in daily life.

We have not yet experienced the exclusion of parental roles by producing humans in the laboratory, but we live in a time when the millennials (Y line) all around the world are coming very close to establishing a family. Our accepted and appreciated content in Instagram is simply a global effort to feel good.

We can easily integrate all the slogans of the marketing and advertising worlds into the Brave New World universe with titles such as blessing consumption through individualization and experience.

We can compare Henry Ford's sanctification to fiction, as it provides production scaling and economic stability, to the legend of Steve Jobs, who dominates today's cult.

2. The Matrix


The roots are the most known "Red - Blue Pill" preference among Descartes' numerous philosophical debates inspired by popular culture in the film: Simply, the choice that the individual is expected to make is between reality and truth.

Elon Musk believes that we will be able to play video games soon, through the Augmented Reality, from the 'real,' and therefore we can not be sure that we live in a computer simulation.

Another suspicion is related to our processes of acquiring and processing information. We are the days when we can choose the resources we have reached through news, information and ideas that shape our decisions and judgments more clearly than ever. Hence, it is widespread that we may be creating our own reality in our 'information bubbles.'

3. Minority Report


The film talks about a situation in which criminals and their crimes can be predicted by 3 visionaries.

We are living in a time when our beliefs and confidence in forecasting become increasingly strong thanks to the Large Data Analysis and Machine Learning: we have witnessed a high degree of predictability of US Presidential Election and World Cup results. Consumers in retail, finance, telecom and consumer internet sectors are convinced that behavioral consumption estimates are also beneficial to our consumers. We expect this approach to be used to solve major social problems in the near future.

It is worth noting that the portable, transparent screens and interfaces we often see throughout the film show surprising similarities with the screens we use every day in our everyday lives.

4. Her


The film is based on the idea that any romantic relationship, except physical experience, can be imitated and reproduced through the artificial intelligence of all dimensions. Designed to respond to all the needs of the main character, artificial intelligence exemplifies this notion through an unusual relationship with a new girlfriend.

The notion that the romantic physical experience can be animated with enhanced reality in the near future is in circulation. In addition, the idea is that when the account is added to existing relationships with social networks, instant messaging and video-on-demand services, we may be able to create value propositions around new experiences in the near future.

Dinner with your favorite actor / actress, a deep conversation in a beautiful view of the philosopher you have all your books on, the opportunity to re-live the day you met with your partner, ... We can not expect to see the rise of Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and Big Data Analysis.

5. Black Mirror


The series combines the idea of integrated modern technology with the dark and satirical narrative that individual and societal dynamics can present difficult and controversial points to foresee.

Each section contains a separate script and actresses. It is difficult to think independently of the Google Glass projection how the device, which is able to record every moment of individual life audibly and visually, can affect relationships.

If you need brain gymnastics under the heading of robotics and artificial intelligence, you should follow the story of a female character who has reintroduced her husband into her life.

If you are wondering how light, fun, and easily spreadable content can have an impact on societal perception, you can think of a mascot as part of the UK policy orientation.

In short, the future is not tomorrow, it is happening today.

By Jeff Bezos' masterful statement, the internet is still young.

This rapprochement between tomorrow and today means that both the vision of science fiction will be confirmed with the current projections and that these stories will become a roadmap in marketing.

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