32 Photos Showing The Importance Of Rugs In Russian Culture!


Russia: The country of extreme cold, endless steppes, beautiful women, vodka, and Putin. 

But if we had to choose only one signature item that Russia should be known for, that would be carpets. If you see a random photo on internet with a carpet on the background, you can make sure it's from Russia

1. Carpet, body, chain and chicken.

2. A young Putin admirer.

3. Carpetman!

4. There was Lenin long before Putin.

5. Family dinner against a rug view.

6. Hot ladies also love rugs in Russia.

7. Even first kisses are better under a carpet

8. No matter how old you are, it's perfectly fine to have a shirtless photo in Russia as long as you have a carpet in the background...

9. Sometimes you try so hard, but still can't beat the charm of a carpet.

10. Who says cars don't need carpets?

11. Guitar or carpet? Which one would you save first in fire?

12. Public transport, church. Carpets are everywhere

13. Do you also see what I see in this rug?

14. Who needs a sofa cover when you have a rug!

15. And sometimes, there is a room on your rug!

16. Comfier than softest beds!

17. Carpet & Bad-ass.

18. Sometimes you find yourself becoming one with a carpet. (Rugception)

19. Or the carpet becomes part of you.

20. Or you find the perfect harmony with carpet...

21. Leather is the second most popular item in Russia after rugs.

22. Carpets are also good motorways

23. Give me a carpet, I can dispense with the necessities

24. Carpets & Technology: Definitely not mutually exclusive!

25. Carpet & Swag

26. Whenever you need inspiration to play better...

27. Man or Woman, you can find the peace in carpet.

28. Carpets can be background of phones,

29. Or even your most private moments.

30. You will find the motivation you need in the carpets.

31. Most important business meetings are held before rugs.

32. Russia's flag and its signature item: Rug on the wall.

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