29 Hilarious Photos That Prove Russia Is The Craziest!


Only in Russia...

It wouldn't be wrong to say the weirdest photos on the internet are almost always the Russian ones. No arguing about that. In Russia, weird people seem to be just around the corner.

Maybe it's the high amount of vodka they consume or just the freezing temperatures of Siberia, but what happens in Russia most likely never happens anywhere else in the world. Enjoy these 29 crazy photos which are extremely hard to explain!

1. ?!?!?!?!


3. Dat guy on the left!

4. Cabbage for your thoughts.

5. Never too old for college drinking games

6. 🐽🐽🐽

7. Don't know what is worse in the photo...

8. "Look! Up in the sky!" "It's a bird!" "It's a plane!" It's IKEAMAN!

9. Your average Russian gangster.

10. Boys will be boys

11. Which one is creepier?

12. Mission: Impossible

13. Who wears a bra at home?

14. I guess this is a thing in Russia

15. Seriously don't know what game this is!

16. Happy Birthday

17. Russian M&M's

18. Are we there yet?

19. S.hit just got serious...

20. ...

21. You're drunk already, no more vodka for you bear!

22. This is how you spot a good mechanic

23. If it's Russia, there must be rugs right?

24. Seriously WTF?

25. When you wait too long for the bus

26. :(

27. They see me rollin'

28. This is between you and me—let teddy go!"

29. 🐷

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